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Adam Day

Adam Day is the Publisher of Classical and Quantum Gravity and CQG+

Time contracts when you are enjoying yourself! It doesn’t seem like 5 whole years have passed since we were celebrating CQG’s quarter-century – and we certainly have had a lot to celebrate over that short time – including a substantial rise in the number of high quality papers published by CQG.

In recognition of this excellent research, we are launching this new companion website, CQG+. Readers of CQG+ can look forward to notifications of high quality papers published in CQG and unique insights into those papers from authors and referees. Additionally, CQG+ will feature the latest news from CQG including notifications of new focus issues, the famous CQG highlights and more. Sign up for email alerts using the box at the foot of this page.

I’m delighted to welcome Clifford Will back to CQG as the journal’s Editor-in-Chief. Cliff originally took up the position in January 2009 and, after a 5 year term in which the journal has shown substantial improvement, was the favoured candidate to take up the position once more for a second term from 2014 – 2018.

Lastly, I’d like to thank every editorial board member, advisory panel member, author, referee and reader of CQG for their contributions to the ongoing success of the journal.

Publish your next paper in CQG for the chance to benefit from promotion on CQG+. CQG papers are selected for promotion based on the content of the referee reports. The papers you read about on CQG+ have been rated ‘high quality’ by your peers.
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About Adam Day

Adam Day is the former publisher of Classical and Quantum Gravity. His background is mostly in publishing, where he thoroughly enjoyed working with the gravitational physics community. He now works as a Data Scientist for SAGE Publishing.