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Adam Day

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I am delighted to announce the CQG Highlights of 2014-2015.  The collection is free to read until 31 December 2016.

How are the Highlights selected?

Each summer, the Editorial Board of Classical and Quantum Gravity convene in London for the journal’s annual Editorial Board meeting. In advance of the meeting, Board members submit proposed Highlights published in CQG in the previous 12 months. That list is discussed in the meeting: some papers are added to the list, others removed. Ultimately, the Highlights are approved by the Editor-in-Chief.

It’s a thorough process and the result is perhaps the best recognized collection in gravitational physics.

I would like to congratulate every author whose work was selected to be a Highlight this year and invite all authors to publish with CQG. A paper submitted today could be a Highlight by this time next year.

CQG LettersDon’t forget that you can now publish Letters in CQG. CQG Letters are required to be high quality, so they stand a good chance of being selected as Highlights.  CQG Letters will also feature in promotions here at CQG+. Submit your CQG Letter today.

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About Adam Day

Adam Day is the former publisher of Classical and Quantum Gravity. His background is mostly in publishing, where he thoroughly enjoyed working with the gravitational physics community. He now works as a Data Scientist for SAGE Publishing.