Focus issue on gravitational waves, now open for submissions

Peter Shawhan and Deirdre Shoemaker invite you to publish your next paper on gravitational waves in CQG’s new open focus issue on the topic.

Peter Shawhan

Peter Shawhan, University of Maryland

Sometimes things come together in unexpected, happy ways. At the CQG editorial board meeting in London last July, we discussed ideas for new focus issues and there was a consensus that the time was right to organize one on the general theme of gravitational waves. We could claim amazing prescience, but honestly we had no idea that LIGO would come through with its triumphant first detection just a few months later! The current tidal wave of interest (pardon the pun) just adds to the progress that was already being made.

While most CQG focus issues are, well, rather focused on a specific topic of current interest, we have chosen for this one to survey the broad scope of research related to gravitational waves. We have invited over a dozen distinguished researchers to submit articles on their recent and current work, and these will added to the focus issue online page as they are published over the next handful of months.

Deirdre Shoemaker

Deirdre Shoemaker, Georgia Tech

This is also special as CQG’s first “open” focus issue. This means that, besides the invited articles, the issue is open for contributions from anyone who would like to submit. All submissions will receive the same high level of peer-review quality control and will be eligible for all of the same promotions as any other article submitted to CQG. In addition, the focus issue itself will be promoted in a number of campaigns over the coming months.

If you would like to submit a manuscript to this special issue:
1 – From the CQG home page, click ‘Submit an article‘ and log into the Author Centre
2 – When you are submitting, select ‘Special Issue Article’ under ‘Type’
3 – Select ‘Gravitational waves’ under ‘Select Special Issue’ (at the bottom of the page)
4 – Follow the instructions to fill in the title, abstract, and other information about the manuscript

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