The gravitational Hamiltonian, first order action, PoincarĂ© charges and surface terms

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The gravitational Hamiltonian, first order action, Poincaré charges and surface terms
Alejandro Corichi and Juan D Reyes 2015 Class. Quantum Grav. 32 195024

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Ever since Einstein and Hilbert were racing to complete the general theory of relativity, almost 100 years ago, having a variational principle for it was at the forefront of the theoretical efforts. An action and the variational principle accompanying it are the preferred ways to describe a physical theory. At the classical level, all the information one can possibly ask about a physical system is conveniently codified into a single scalar function S. Additionally, in covariant approaches to quantum mechanics, the action S provides, through the path integral, a fundamental link between the classical and quantum descriptions. Ideally, the Hamiltonian structure of the theory itself -the starting point for canonical quantization- may too be extracted from the same action. Continue reading