Black holes dual to exotic superconductors


Figure 2c

Each point under the blue curve corresponds to a superconducting p-wave black hole with a helical structure at temperature T and with helical pitch 2πk. The red line denotes the thermodynamically preferred black holes which have the smallest free energy at a given temperature. The black holes exhibit a reversal of the direction of the helical pitch at T~ 0.04.

The gauge-gravity correspondence provides a fascinating theoretical framework for investigating non-perturbative features of strongly coupled quantum systems using weakly coupled dual gravitational descriptions in one lower space-time dimension. In particular, the thermodynamic phase structure of the quantum system is obtained by finding the black hole solutions with the smallest free energy. Such studies have led to the discovery of fundamentally new classes of black hole solutions and it is hoped that these endeavours will lead to new insights into exotic materials which are observed in nature. Continue reading